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Home Improvement Projects That Offer the Best and Worst Return

The idea of cost versus value and return on investment, or ROI, is always in the back of homeowners’ minds when making interior updates. Which home improvement projects…

Latest Trends In Bathroom Upgrades

What can you do with a HELOC? How about remodeling your home? Look at the latest trends in bathroom remodels… From 7 Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades Homeowners…

Top Remodeling Projects for Resale

Refinishing hardwood floors is the remodeling project that pays back the most, recovering the highest percentage of its cost—147%—at resale, according to the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report, a…

At-Home Bars: Entertain Stylishly

In addition to spurring designated work-from-home spaces, larger kitchen islands, and more relaxing outdoor living areas, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought back the at-home bar trend in a…

What’s the Most Durable Flooring?

Hardwood floors have long been the most beloved flooring type in real estate. But they may not be the best choice for high-traffic areas in a home, according…

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