More young buyers are making the leap into home ownership. But many of them, due to personal preference or affordability restraints, are choosing houses or condos with a smaller floor plan to call home.

Here are 4 strategies for buyers to make the most of small spaces:

  • Choose furniture carefully

When you need to maximize space in a bedroom or living room, making smart choices can help create a comfortable but spacious small space. Measure your rooms carefully before making purchases. Consider especially the thickness of the furniture; a chair with less bulky arm rests, for instance, might fit better in the space than a chunky one.  Avoid furniture with curves, as it sticks out without offering any benefits.

In a bedroom, leaving off a footboard will increase overall space. TVs, too, should be avoided in a bedroom with size restrictions. Multi-functional furniture will become your new best friend. For example, a desk with a mirror hung above it placed near the bed will give you a nightstand, desk, and dressing table all in one. A stylish trunk used as a coffee table in a living room could hide blankets or pillows for when you want to get cozy and watch a movie.

  • Paint to promote height

Darker colors, in general, will make a space feel smaller and more closed in. This is especially true if you put a dark color on the ceiling. A light color on the ceiling makes the room feel taller than it is. Lighter colors on the wall may give the illusion of more light and space as well.

  • Decorate simply

Bold patterns on large furniture will attract the eye and make the room appear smaller. Consider simple designs or light colors for bedspreads, prints on couches, and curtains. However, adding an artistic focal point to the room will draw attention away from its size. Perhaps invest in a print of a favorite classic piece of art and have it framed nicely, or shop local art fairs for something original. Keep knick-knacks or other decorative items to a minimum and intentionally placed to keep the space from feeling cluttered. Wall or ceiling mounted lighting fixtures may help eliminate lamps in a room, which can take up considerable space.

  • Keep it neat and clutter free

A smaller space is easier to clean – and also easier to get dirty. Taking a few extra minutes a day to pick up will help you breathe better and live happier in small spaces. Go through items in your home often, giving away or selling things you no longer want so that they don’t take up precious space.

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