A new reality series on YouTube shows the gritty side of real estate. Noah Kaplan, a 30-year-old real estate pro based in New York, created a YouTube series called “Thousand Dollar Listing” — the complete opposite to the Bravo show “Million Dollar Listing,” which shows posh mansions and luxury real estate.

Kaplan’s reality series shows the clients who can afford to pay only about $1,000 in monthly rent in New York and what they can afford in the city. In essence, that usually gets them small, often times windowless, spaces in less-than-desirable neighborhoods.

Kaplan also wants to show viewers the other side of real estate. Kaplan, in his second year in real estate, says “I show people places I can’t afford myself.” He says he can afford about $800 a month, including utilities, and that last year he made $31,000. The year before, he made $9,000 from his real estate career.

He wants to show in the series that not every real estate agent earns the high incomes, especially those just starting out. It’s a competitive job, he says.

“The statistic is, there is about one sales listing for every 10 brokers in the city, which is insane,” he told realtor.com® about the competitive nature of the business. Kaplan hopes his new shows the other side of the real estate business.

Source: ‘Thousand Dollar Listing’ Shows the Gritty Side of Real Estate,” realtor.com® (June 10, 2016)